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Reeds Inspirational Pricing Inspirational

Reeds Inspirational Pricing


Equality in Pricing

We believe that every one of our guests should be entitled to the same great price. We don't believe that because you are a better negotiator, you should get a better price. We believe in equality in pricing. Female or male, good or bad negotiator, at Reeds you pay the same low price.


No Haggle Pricing

We don't want to play the game of haggling with our guests. We prefer not to begin our furniture relationship as adversaries. We live our values of honesty, opennes and integrity everyday and playing the haggle game goes against these values.


Stress Free Buying

Buying furniture at Reeds comes without the stress of negotiating. Having to negotiate a "best price" brings stress to buying furniture and takes the fun out of what shoud be a very happy experience. Creating stress in the buying process by a flawed pricing structure would mean failing our purpose of furnishing happiness. We don't want stress for you or our team members, therefore we don't put you or our team members in a position to have to negotiate a "best price." We have already done the negotiating for you and have eliminated the stress of negotiating with Reeds Inspirational Pricing.


Honest and Fair Low Prices, Everyday

Reeds prices are honest and fair everyday. We believe in pricing that is in line with our values of honesty, opennes and integrity, creating and building trust with our guests. You can feel confident with Reeds Inspirational Price that we have pre-negotiated the best price for you so that we can attract and retain you as our guest for a lifetime. Our Inspirational Pricing aka our really great pricing makes us able to live our purpose of furnishing happiness.


Inspirational Pricing Means Inspirational Value

We scour the internet to make sure our prices are the best. We buy in containers and in truckloads to give you the best pricing. We don't charge huge markups on our furniture. We charge prices that are fair and able to provide a fair wage to our team members and pay our bills.


Our Goal is to Build Relationships

Serving our community since 1960, we aim to build long term relationships with our guests. Our goal is to attract and retain guests. Our mission states that we want our guests to become part of the Reeds Furniture family. Established in 1960, we are proud to be serving over four generations of families. Reeds Inspirational Pricing provides great value for the quality furniture we sell and lets us fulfill our purpose of furnishing happiness.