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Store Policies

The following is a detailed explanation of the contract between Reeds Furniture and buyer.

All Sales Final - No Refunds, No Returns, No Exchanges

In an effort to keep our prices low, Reeds does not allow returns. Reeds does not have a place to resell returned items, and cannot sell returned items as new. Please understand this before making your purchase at Reeds.

Reeds will always provide you with the best prices and service in the business but will not allow you to take the furniture home, live with it, use it, then change your mind and return it. We do not charge a higher price and build a return rate into our prices, therefore we do not accept returns that would require us to do so.

This contract may not be modified or altered by any employee

No employee may verbally or by writing alter the terms of this agreement under any circumstance.

All stock orders must be paid in full at time of purchase

All stock items must be paid in full at time of purchase and before delivery. Special order items require a 25% deposit at time of purchase and must be paid in full prior to scheduling delivery.

Reeds does not allow CODs on deliveries and all orders must be paid in full prior to scheduling of delivery. If you wish to pay with check to pay your balance, you must come in to the store to pay as Reeds does not accept checks on delivery. If you pay with check prior to scheduling delivery, you must wait for your check to clear prior to your delivery being scheduled.

Special order items require a 25% non-refundable deposit

Special order items require a 25% non-refundable deposit, which the buyer agrees to forfeit as liquidated damages in the event the buyer wants to cancel this order, and the seller is not able to cancel with the manufacturer.

Once an order is placed, manufacturers typically order material to begin production of your furniture immediately and therefore do not allow us to cancel the order once this production has begun. If you would like to cancel your order, please contact Reeds immediately and we will advise if the cancellation is possible. If the cancellation is not possible, we will use your 25% non-refundable deposit as liquidated damages to cover the damage the cancellation has caused to Reeds. Please understand you will not receive your furniture if we cannot cancel with the manufacturer and you will not receive a refund of your 25% deposit as this deposit has been applied to your order as liquidated damages.

Checking the status of your order

If you have special ordered an item or have a question about the status of an item you purchased please feel free to contact us at 818-597-7800.

There is no cooling off period as all sales are processed as soon as they are received

Once you place an order with us, the order is sent directly into the manufacturer. We do not wait to place orders, but rather send orders directly to the manufacturer, often electronically, where they are instantly acknowledged and sent into production and traffic. Reeds does not hold orders for three days during a "cooling off period," so please understand there is no cooling off period for furniture as in other industries. Once the production or shipment of your furniture is begun by the manufacturer, they do not allow us to cancel the furniture, therefore we do not allow you to cancel with Reeds. Accordingly we do not allow a cooling off period on our purchases.

Store credit will be issued for all seller approved cancellations

Store credit, less a 10% processing fee, will be issued for all seller approved cancellations of in-stock merchandise, as well as those special orders which the seller is able to cancel with the manufacturer.

If you would like to cancel your order and we are able to cancel with the manufacturer, then a 10% restocking fee will be applied to your order and the difference will be issued in store credit. Any cancellations of in stock items will be issued in the form of store credit less 10% of the purchase price of the items being cancelled.

Delivery is subject to availability

Delivery is subject to availability and is estimated according to information on hand at the time the order is written and cannot be guaranteed.

At your time of purchase, we do our best to quote the most accurate delivery dates available at the time your furniture was purchased. These delivery date quotes are approximations from the manufacturer. As Reeds does not make your furniture, we are at the mercy of the dates the manufacturer quotes in regards to lead times. Because Reeds relies on the information given by the manufacturer at the time of purchase, Reeds cannot guarantee delivery dates. We do our very best to facilitate the quick and timely delivery of your furniture and try to anticipate any delays in your furniture delivery. Unfortunately, delays are unexpected and outside of Reeds control.

Furniture imported from overseas can experience unforseen delays

Due to the globalization of the world economy, much furniture is manufactured overseas and there are many obstacles to importing furniture from overseas. Some examples of these delays include the holiday in China called Chinese New Year where factories close down entirely for the month of mid-January thru mid-February. Entire labor forces leave the factories and when their employees return, the factories may take up to two weeks to resume normal furniture production. If you are in a need of furniture during the months of February and March, please be advised that special orders from China may take an extra amount of time if manufacturers do not stock up on their supply of furniture in local warehouses prior to the Chinese new year shut down.

Additionally, peaks in shipping from large retailers such as Wal Mart cause shipping delays in peak shipping seasons as capacity in container ships become overbooked prior to heavy selling seasons. This makes it difficult to ship furniture from overseas and unforeseen delays may result from overbooked container ships.

To be safe, if you are considering a purchase for a special event, allow yourself plenty of time to have your furniture delivered from its point of origin. Containers often take at least three weeks to ship from overseas. Therefore when purchasing furniture from overseas it is common for it to take up to 12 weeks on a new order so please plan accordingly.

Please forgive us if your furniture is caught in one of these delays. More importantly, please understand we want you to have your furniture as much as you want it and will do everything in our power to get it to you in a timely manner. This being said, aside from swimming the furniture from overseas on our backs (which at times we wish we could), manufacturer delays are outside of our control.

Freight consolidation from North Carolina takes at least 10 days

Even if a product is in stock in North Carolina from our furniture manufacturers at the time of your purchase, it takes at least 10 days for a truck to arrive from North Carolina to Southern California. The process is as follows: First, an order is placed with the manufacturer once you have agreed to all terms and conditions of the purchase. It is then put into traffic where it is placed in shipping lanes and picked up by our freight consolidator. From this consolidation point it is then brought to a central warehouse where it waits to be consolidated with other furniture until it "hits proper weight." When the consolidated shipment "hits proper weight" it is then trucked to Southern California. During the drive to California, the truck may stop along the way before it reaches its final destination at Reeds. Therefore, even though a product shows that it may be in stock at our manufacturers in North Carolina, the furniture will take AT LEAST 10 DAYS before it reaches its destination point at Reeds in Southern California. Please remember, the truck has to hit its minimum weight before it leaves its origin and will be consolidated with other furniture, so please be patient in the delivery of your special order furniture.

Dye lots are not guaranteed to match if ordered at different times

If you are purchasing furniture at two different points in time, it is likely that dyelots will be different on the furniture ordered at the subsequent time. Reeds cannot be responsible for these differences in dyelot.

Seller will not repair merchandise sold as-is, or discounted as a floor model

Reeds discounts floor models with deep discounts and accordingly they are sold as is. Please inspect all discounted floor models sold as is as all sales are final, sold-as-is, and they are non-returnable.

If furniture is delivered damaged, seller will first attempt repair

If furniture is delivered damaged, seller will first attempt repair by a qualified furniture repair technician. Replacement of merchandise is at the seller's discretion.

Furniture is constructed out of organic material such as wood and fabric, and as such is inherently imperfect. Unlike plastic, these organic materials exhibit imperfections natural to furniture. Often times furniture is distressed from the manufacturer and is meant to be imperfect, so please be aware of the furniture your are purchasing before you purchase it. Reeds has a huge showroom filled with furniture designed for the very purpose of you being able to see it before you buy it to know and understand what you are purchasing, including the distressing on the finish, so please be aware of the details of your furniture before your purchase to avoid any unexpected surprises with your furniture. This is why we only deliver to and service residents of Southern California so our customers can touch and feel the furniture before they buy it so they do not experience unexpected surprises upon delivery. Manufacturers will not allow Reeds to order replacement furniture when it is delivered in the same condition with the same inherent qualities as was represented on the floor models in the store, so please pay attention to the details of the items your purchase before you purchase them.

Before delivery and during our deluxing process, Reeds master furniture repair technicians inspect and deluxe your furniture before you receive it. During this deluxing process skilled furniture repair technicians remove, refinish, and repair any imperfectIons in your furniture before delivery. This includes deluxing any cracks in the finish, removing and repairing any overspray left from the manufacturer, or whatever else may occur which is not acceptable to the average reasonable person in the final delivery of your furniture.

Accidents do happen during the movement of furniture on the delivery trucks, however, so if your furniture gets damaged on delivery, please note the damage on your delivery copy. If your furniture is delivered with damage at the time of delivery you have two options: one - you can have the furniture repaired in your home by a qualified skilled furniture repair technician or, two - you can send it back to the store for repair or if Reeds deems necessary, replacement. Please remember that furniture more often than not needs deluxing from transit. This includes imperfections in the finish or minor dents or scratches. If this is the case with your furniture, we will repair it. If our qualified repair technician deems it unrepairable we will have it replaced by the manufacturer and re-delivered to your home free of charge as long as the delivery address is in our local delivery area. Under no circumstance do we ever authorize anyone but our qualified skilled technicians to repair furniture purchased from Reeds.

Seller will not modify furniture

Reeds will not modify furniture as this modification will void any and all manufacturer warranties. Once furniture is modified by buyer, all manufacturer warranties are void and any warranty between Reeds and buyer are void.

Buyer is responsible for all measurements to ensure merchandise will fit

Buyer is responsible for all measurements to ensure merchandise will fit its intended space and through any access points. Buyer assumes all risks if merchandise is not suitable for its intended location.

Furniture can sometimes look alot smaller than it is in our large showroom, so please measure before you make your furniture purchase. All sales are final and no cancellations are allowed, so please be aware that hallways that make sharp turns, stairways, and small door ways present problems when delivering furniture. Large sofas and pieces that do not bend can be difficult in tight spaces, so please be sure that your furniture can be delivered into its intended location and your furniture fits into its intended location. Reeds has a room planner available on this site, so please use it if you think your furniture is a tight fit for its intended location to be sure it fits before your purchase it and it is yours to keep regardless of whether it will fit into its intended location.

If Reeds is delivering your furniture, please allow for easy access of your furniture, and be sure the areas are cleared prior to the delivery of your furniture.

All furniture is sold F.O.B. Reeds Furniture

All furniture is sold F.O.B. Reeds Furniture. Any furniture under warranty shall be serviced from Reeds Furniture, 28401 Canwood Street, Agoura Hills, CA 91301. All furniture to be returned to Reeds Agoura for warranty work at the expense of the buyer.

Reeds offers a one year warranty on furniture sold excluding as-is furniture to be free from material defects. This warranty is not an extension of the manufacturer warranty but serves to ensure against material defects sold from Reeds Furniture within one year of delivery date of furniture. If furniture is covered under this one year warranty, the furniture shall be returned to Reeds Furniture at the expense of the buyer for service. Any misuse or abuse of the furniture voids any implied or written warranty by Reeds Furniture or manufacturer. Misuse or abuse includes excessive soiling of furniture or abnormal wear and tear of furniture.

If customer fails to make payment on this contract

If customer fails to make payment on this contract, customer shall be responsible for all unpaid sums, plus interest occurring from the payment due date at the maximum legal rate, plus all expenses seller may incur to collect this sales order, including, but not limited to attorney fees, costs & other expenses.

Clerical errors on this contract are subject to correction

Clerical errors include mistakes in pricing on invoices where numbers are added incorrectly, the wrong sales tax is charged at the point of sale, or the clerical mistake of the wrong selling price of an item written on an invoice.

A $20 fee will be assessed to all returned checks

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