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Furnishing Happiness

furnishing Happiness

At Reeds we believe that love is the foundation of life and happiness is the breeding ground of love. Like Disney creates magic, we Furnish Happiness. Our legacy is the many loving homes that we have furnished over our 60 years in business. 

Let Reeds Furnish Your Happiness Today.

Reeds Mission, Purpose and Values

Reeds Mission

To create a friendly, happy, comfortable furniture shopping and buying experience for each guest resulting in their belonging to our family and saying "I'll be back."

Reeds Purpose

To furnish happiness.

Reeds Values

Reeds values can be summarized in the anagram COACH CHOICES, CURATE DREAMS.



  • Compassion

  • Optimism

  • Accountability

  • Creativity

  • Helpfulness


  • Courage

  • Honesty

  • Openness

  • Integrity

  • Cooperation

  • Enthusiasm

  • Sincerity


  • Clarity

  • Understanding

  • Respect

  • Authenticity

  • Trust

  • Efficiency


  • Dedication

  • Resourcefulness

  • Encouragement

  • Mindfulness

  • Selflessness

Applying Reeds Values

Our values are the secret sauce to our great service. The service we provide is a reflection of our values. We live service by living our values. Our actions, products we sell, and vendor partners are all aligned with our values. We employ a team of passionate furniture afficionados whose purpose is to furnish your happiness. This intense focus on loving our guests is what allows us to bring happiness to your home. Furniture is what we do, what we know, what we love. We have been furnishing happiness since 1960. Let us furnish your happines today.

Reeds Inspirational Services

Reeds is a "full line, brick and mortar furniture store." What does that mean, you say? 

In furniture speak, it means we have two huge furniture showrooms packed with the best name brand and off brand quality furniture from around the world. We sell quality value pricing. We buy like the big stores because of our sales volume and size, but have the low prices, overhead and relationships like the mom and pop shops.

This means as our guest you get the best of both worlds. With Reeds you get the benefit of the volume and container pricing of the big stores but get the creativity, great style, service, relationships, and low overhead of the mom and pop shop that we are. Great, right? We think so. 

In our huge showrooms you can come see, touch, and feel our quality furniture before you buy it. We provide our guests personal service from the first time they walk in the door to after they receive delivery. Our Chief Guest Officer answers the phone and is typically the one to call you to schedule your delivery. 

His job is to make sure that you are happy with your furniture shopping and buying experience so that you'll want to become part of our family. In 1960 we were founded on the ideals of quality, value and service, and the service we provide is our differentiator.

Happiness Ambassadors

We employ a team of happiness ambassadors to serve our guests thru our inspirational buying process. 

We consider our guests our CEO. We don't have one CEO, we have thousands.

We understand it is our job is to make our guests happy, thus the name "Happiness Ambassador."

We understand we are paid to live Reeds mission to create happy, friendly, comfortable shopping and buying experiences for each guest resulting in their feeling like they belong to the Reeds Family, saying “I’ll be back.”

Guest attraction and retention is our goal and for 60 years we've been taking it very seriously.

Inspirational Buying Process

Reeds inspirational buying process is inspired by Simon Sinek in his book, Start With Why. Our purpose is to furnish happiness, and we do this thru our inspirational buying process. 

Reeds Happiness Ambassadors ask three questions to help people buy furniture. 

What is your Why?

What is your How?

What is your What?

Reeds Happiness Ambassadors do not sell furniture, they help our guests buy furniture. There's a big difference.

What is your Why?

Our first goal at Reeds is to figure out our guests “Why.” When we learn our guests why, we can then help to align their needs and dreams to furnish their happiness. This is the most important thing any Reeds Ambassador can do to live Reeds brand purpose of furnishing happiness.

What is your How?

Once we understand our guests “why,” we need to learn about our guests “how.” Our guests “how” is how our guest will be using their furniture. What are the characteristics of the room they will be using the furniture in including dimensions, colors, flooring and wall finishes? When Reeds Happiness Ambassadors understand their guests “why” and “how”, they can then help the guest select furniture perfect for their home.

What us is your What?

Helping Reeds guests decide their “what” is the final step in our inspirational buying process. Reeds team of Happiness Ambassadors purpose is to furnish happiness and they do this by helping our guest select furniture that is just right for them in alignment with their “why” and “how.” Clairifiying our guests “what” will help our guest lead a more inspired life and transform their house into a happy home.

Reeds Inspirational Service & the Buying Process

Reeds employs a team of Happiness Ambassadors to assist our guests in any needs throughout the buying process. This includes checking status on special orders, scheduling delivery, and scheduling a service technician to come to our guests home if needed. Our purpose is to furnish your happiness. Since 1960 we have transformed many houses into happy homes.