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How Reeds Sells For Less

How Reeds Can Sell For Less

1. Our Purpose is to Furnish Your Happiness

We have served our community since 1960 and have grown up in the furniture industry. We know quality furniture and have a passion for serving our guests. We consider our guests our CEO and quite simply, our purpose is to furnish your happiness. Our founders favorite saying is we're making friends, not money. 60 years later we are still proud to be making friends and furnishing happiness.

2. We Are a Privately Held, Family Owned and Operated Company

Family owned and operated since 1960, we don't have stock holders who demand huge profits. We are not driven by corporate profits. We are driven to satisfy our CEO's, which are our guests. Our goal is to create value for our guests in order to furnish their happiness. We know the profits will come if we attract and retain happy customers.

3. Our Chief Happiness Officer and Chief Guest Officer are Actively Involved in Our Business

Our Chief Happiness Officer and our Chief Guest Officer are actively involved in every aspect of our business. Their focus is on offering inspirational and high quality furniture that epitomizes value with a hyper focus on our guest experience, delivering happiness to your home.

4. We Hire and Retain Great People

We believe the best way to get our people to care about our guests is to care about them. We treat our people well and pay them well. In turn we care about each other and work hard for our guests. We do more with less people as our team members are very smart, very good at what they do, and are committed to furnishing your happiness.

5. We Are Hyper Focused on Our Guest Experience

We have been trained by the Disney institute, and just like Disney creates magic, we furnish happiness. Our mission is to make our guests feel warm, welcome, and like they belong. Living our mission, aligning our people to our values, and realizing that our guest is our CEO allows us a hyper focus on our guest experience.

6. We Have Longstanding Relationships With Our Guests

Our guest acquisition costs are lower than the competition as we have been pillars in our community since 1960. Our freeway locations and word of mouth are our best forms of advertising. We are proud to be serving over four generations of family members in our community, some that began shopping with us in our early days from 1960.

7. We Enjoy Great Word of Mouth Advertising

We have many past repeat promoter guests. We have been serving our community since 1960, and four generations of family members shop with us. Our raving fans do the advertising for us.

8. We Have Guest Service Recovery Leaders

Our Guest Service Recovery Leaders are focused on guest service recovery and solving guest issues. Just as Disney says, although an issue may not be our fault we understand that it is our problem. We are focused on trying to anticipate our guests needs. We believe in the net promoter score philosophy and send out NPS surveys to know if our guests are happy or not. We listen to our guests and reach out to them in a proactive manner should they need "service recovery." The key takeaway here is that we are geniunely interested in listening to solve our guests issues should they have one.

9. We Run Lean and Mean

We do not have high paid executives with huge salaries. Our organizaional structure is flat. We don't believe in managers, we believe in leaders. Every person on our team is considered a leader and contributes directly to the value we provide to our guests. Having been in the business since 1960 gives us the advantage of knowing the easiest way to serve our guests in the most efficient manner possible.

10. We Offer Inspirational Pricing

We don't negotiate our prices. We offer the best prices everyday to every one of our guests without the hassle of negotiating. We don't employ high/low pricing where prices are marked up and then negotiated down to make you fight for the best price. As a female owner, our Chief Happiness Officer does not believe that because you are a better negotiator, you should get a better price. We offer the lowest prices we can everyday to all of our guests equally.

11. We Sell in Volume With a Low Overhead Structure

We are the largest family owned and operated independent furniture store in California. We sell alot of furniture but do not have the large overhead and advertising expenses of other big chain furniture stores. Because we sell furniture in volume we are able to buy in bulk and get the same pricing as the big chain stores. Unlike the big chain stores, however, because of our low overhead structure we can pass the bulk savings onto our guests.

12. We Import Directly From Overseas and Buy In Bulk

We buy in bulk in container loads from our suppliers overseas and in truck loads domestically. Buying in bulk allows us to recieve large bulk discounts buying direct from vendor factories. It also helps us save on expensive shipping and overhead costs of storing furniture in US warehouses.

13. We Pay our Bills

Our vendors give us the best deals because we pay our bills on time. We often get discounts for paying our bills in advance to get prepayment discounts.

14. We Have No Debt

This means we don't pay high interest charges. We don't believe in borrowing money, a philosophy engrained in us by our founder. We don't add the cost of borrowing capital into our prices.

15. We Don't Allow Returns

Our no return policy allow us to keep our prices low and not have to load our prices like our competitors that allow for returns. Most companies that have a generous return policy have to add an average of 30% to their prices to account for these returns. We have never loaded our prices for returns. Know that when you are shopping with companies with a generous return policy you are paying for these returns in their higher prices. We don't charge a higher price to account for returns.

16. Our Suppliers Are Our Partners

We have longstanding great relationships with our suppliers. They support us, sell us quality product that will last, and take care of problems if there is an issue. If our suppliers don't align with our values, we do not buy from them. We do not sell cheap furniture by design. We sell quality furniture from some of the most reputable brands in the furniture industry from all over the world. We know quality furniture, know the suppliers that know how to make it, and have been partnered with these suppliers for many years.

17. Our Suppliers Don't Load Our Prices

We don't abuse our vendors with abnormal vendor chargebacks and indirect advertising fees which make them load their prices like they do with our competitors. We consider our vendors our partners in business and ask they treat us fairly so we can service our guests. They reward us by giving us the best prices they can afford.

18. We Buy From Local Suppliers

Buying local as much as possible offers us reduced shipping costs on many products we sell. Being a family owned business allows us to buy from local companies to support our local community and source locally.

19. We Import into the Closest Deep Water Port from Asia

Located in Southern California close to the port of Los Angeles, when we import from overseas into the Port of Los Angeles, we pay the lowest shipping cost compared to any port in the country. This makes our freight factor lower than any competitor that ships across the country to California. Freight is a large input in the price of furniture and having the lowest freight rate from overseas to California is a huge price advantage.

20. We Own Our Own Delivery Trucks and Our Delivery Team Works For Us

We can offer $49 Drop-Off Delivery without having to raise our prices to account for the expenses of an outside delivery company. We can offer our $149 Worry Free White Glove Delivery service providing an exceptional worry free delivery experience to our guests.