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Customer Pick Up Policies

CPU Transfer to Oxnard

All furniture purchased from Reeds is sold FOB Reeds Agoura. If you request that your furniture be transferred to Oxnard for pickup, a transfer is required and usually takes 3 to 5 business days.

Frustration Free Furniture Assembly for Customer Pick Ups

Furniture purchased from Reeds Furniture requires assembly. If you would like to have your furniture assembled before pick up at our Agoura location, we would be happy to do this for you. Because assembly takes time, if you would like your furniture assembled, please contact the store at least two hours prior to the pickup of your furniture and let us know you are on your way. This will help alleviate long wait times during pickup.

Furniture Deluxing for Customer Pick Ups

During our deluxing process, Reeds skilled, master furniture repair technicians remove, refinish, and repair any imperfectIons in your furniture. This includes deluxing any cracks in the finish, removing and repairing any overspray left from the manufacturer, or whatever else may occur which is not acceptable to the average reasonable person in the final delivery of your furniture.

If you request a furniture deluxing before pick up, please be aware our furniture magician is off Sunday and Monday. Please call ahead to be sure we can have your furniture deluxed two days before your pick up. If you are traveling long distances to pick up your furniture, please call ahead to make sure your furniture has been deluxed and is in good condition BEFORE you drive to pick up. There is nothing worse than driving a distance to find out your furniture needs a little deluxing upon pickup to make it perfect and this deluxe cannot happen as our artist is out for the day.

On pickup, Reeds will load your items for you, but we do not provide tie downs or blankets. For liability reasons, YOU are responsible to ensure the items are secure, not Reeds Staff. Please ensure the items are tied tight and will not fly off and out of your vehicle before you exit Reeds premises.

Damages on Pickup

Reeds requests that you inspect every item before removing it from the premises of Reeds as you will sign that you have received your furniture in good condition. If the item does appear to be damaged, Reeds will repair the item if repairable or reorder the item if unrepairable. If you notice the furniture is damaged, you have already picked it up, and it is within 24 hours of the pickup, please call the store immediately to have it returned. Please do not bring in damaged furniture that has been pickup up without a prior arranged repair order.

Service on Picked Up Items

Reeds offers a one year warranty on items purchased from Reeds to be free from material defects. This warranty is voided with excessive use, abuse or stains reflecting abuse. If you require service on your furniture within one year of your purchase, please call our in store service manager to arrange a repair order and service drop off. All furniture picked up from Reeds will be serviced FOB Reeds Agoura, and thus needs to be returned to Reeds Agoura for service.

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