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Caring For Your Furniture

Your furniture purchase is one that will bring you joy for many years to come. To ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your furniture, please consider the following guidelines.

Fabric Care

The caring of fabrics depends on the cleanability code. Please refer to the manufacturer cleanability code when cleaning your fabric. Some fabrics are solvent based, some are water based. If a fabric is solvent based, or cleaning code S, please do not use water to clean the fabric as it may leave rings around the area cleaned. If a fabric is water soluble, or WS cleaning code, you may use water to clean the fabric. Please be careful when applying after market products to your fabric as doing so may void the manufacturer warranty.

Wood Care

Certain manufacturers have specific instructions to care for their wood products. As a general rule, be cautioned when using an after market product to clean your wood furniture. Reeds recommends Guardsmans products to clean wood. In store we used Guardsman Wood Cleaner and Guardsman furniture polish. Be warned against using other furntiure polish such as Pledge or other polish as it could leave a sticky thick coating that may ruin the finish. A good way to remove this thick coating is to first use Guardsman wood cleaner followed with Guardsman furniture polish.

Cushion Care

Care of FeatherBlend Cushions couldn't be easier. FLUFF cushions as you would a pillow. TURN and rotate cushions to wear evenly. VACUUM regularly for maximum resiliency. When upholstery cleaning is required, remove your cushion inserts prior to steam cleaning or applications of any soil guard barrier process.

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