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Reeds Inspirational Services

Reeds is a full line furniture store, providing service to guests from the first point of contact to after the point of delivery. Reeds was founded on the ideals of quality, value and service, and the service Reeds provides is Reeds differentiator.

Happiness Ambassadors

Reeds employs a team of happiness ambassadors to serve our guests thru Reeds inspirational buying process. They are paid to live Reeds mission of creating happy, friendly, comfortable shopping and buying experiences for each guest resulting in their feeling like they belong to the Reeds Family, saying “I’ll be back.”

Inspirational Buying Process

Reeds inspirational buying process is inspired by Simon Sinek in his book, Start With Why. Reeds purpose is to furnish happiness, and Reeds does this thru their inspirational buying process. Reeds Inspiration Ambassadors ask three questions to help people buy furniture.

What is your Why?

What is your How?

What is your What?

Reeds Inspiration Ambassadors do not sell furniture, they help people buy furniture by asking the three inspirational questions listed above.

What is your Why?

Our first goal at Reeds is to figure out our guests “why.” When we learn our guests why, we can then help to align their needs and dreams to furnish their happiness. This is the most important thing any Reeds Ambassador can do to live Reeds brand purpose of furnishing happiness.

What is your How?

Once we understand our guests “why,” we need to learn about our guests “how.” Our guests “how” is how our guest will be using their furniture. What are the characteristics of the room they will be using the furniture in including dimensions, colors, flooring and wall finishes? When Reeds Inspiration Ambassadors understand their guests “why” and “how”, they can then help the guest select furniture perfect for them.

What is your What?

Helping Reeds guests decide their “what” is the final step in the inspirational buying process. Reeds team of Happiness Ambassadors purpose is to furnish happiness and they do this by helping the guest select furniture that is just right for them in alignment with their “why” and “how.” Clairifiying the guests “what” will help our guest lead a more inspired life and transform their house into a happy home.

Reeds Inspirational Service Throughout the Buying Process

Reeds employs a team of Happiness Ambassadors to assist our guests in any needs throughout the buying process. This includes checking status on special orders, scheduling delivery, and scheduling a service technician to come to our guests home if needed.

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