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Reeds Design Services

At Reeds Furniture, we believe a beautiful home inspires beautiful lives. We travel the world to find authentic furniture at authentic prices. We believe an inspired home does not have to break the bank, it simply needs to be thoughtfully planned.

We offer complimentary design service to help you specify pieces that are perfect for your home. We can space-plan and color-theorize your home to the level you desire. We are hip on the latest technology in space planning as well as traditional hand sketching and drawing techniques to communicate the collaborative ideas that will make your home inspirational. We understand color theory and art history, and we encourage you to use us to help you to inspire your dream home.

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In-Store Design Consultation - Complimentary

We invite you to meet with us at no charge at Reeds Agoura to discuss your interior design needs. We are here to help you with everthing from designing your home to designing your sofa. We are here to serve you, whether it be by creating a space plan of your room or your entire home, choosing body or pillow fabrics on the comfy sectional you long for, or helping you specify furniture for your mother-in-laws new assisted living space. We are here to serve you and your design needs.

Design Services

When you meet with us for your complimentary design appointment at Reeds, please come prepared by doing your homework to make your meeting as productive as possible. A well thought out space plan is the backbone of good interior design. Help us help you. Bring the dimensions and or measurements of your space including window and door placements. Be cognitive of window heights, flooring changes, ceiling changes, and walkways. Please note these items when measuring your home.

Use our Print Graph Paper on our website to preliminarily sketch out your room and we will take it from there. When you use our graph paper, imagine each square on the graph paper equals a square foot. Count out the squares and have them be equal to the dimensions of your room. For example, a 10x10 room would equal 10 squares high by 10 squares wide. Mark on your graph paper the exact measurements of the room just in case your drawing is not perfect as rooms can often be difficult to measure. Your drawing does not have to be perfect, it simply needs to communicate your room so that we can create a space plan for you. However, the door, window and other architectural features in the room are very important to take measurement and note placement of as these architectural features affect which items will fit into your room. Start with one corner point in the room and work outwards from that point. The better the drawing you bring to us, the better the drawing and space plan we can make for you in our store.

In design, it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, so taking pictures of the interior and exterior of your home with your smart phone is very helpful so that we can see what your space looks like from the inside out. Stand in the middle of the space you wish to design and take a picture of every wall. If this were to be drawn, it would be called a rendering. Thus, imagine you needed to draw each wall and do so by creating your own picture rendering of it instead. After taking these picture renderings, take a video of your room on your smart phone while spinning slowly in the center. This allows us to see how all of the picture renderings connect and gives her a clear idea of how to help you design the space.

Additionally, taking pictures of your closet and items that inspire you are very helpful in the design process. All of the pictures you share at your appointment can help us lead you to fabrics, furniture, and wood finishes that reflect your personal style. Including pictures of the finishes in your home, such as your walls, flooring, counter tops, cabinets, draperies, furniture, artwork, rugs and other items in the room are very important to gain a comprehensive understanding of your space. The more information you bring to your appointment to tell the story of you and your home, the easier it will be for you and us to collaborate on creating an inspirational space. Thoughtfully imagine how you, your friends and your family would like to feel in your space when it is complete. Our goal at Reeds is to assist you to create a space of inspiration and happiness.

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