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Reeds Worry Free Delivery - Starting at $99

Reeds Furniture offers Worry Free Delivery that takes the burden of your furniture installation off of your back! Reeds Worry Free Delivery includes much more than just the delivery of your furniture into your home. Many details happen behind the scenes after your purchase to ensure your furniture is perfect for you to enjoy when you receive delivery in your home.

Worry Free Delivery Includes:

Reeds Worry Free Guarantee

Reeds Worry Free Delivery includes a one year Worry Free Guarantee that gives you freedom from worrying about accidents resulting in stains on your fabric or ring marks on your wood. You are protected one year from the date you take delivery of your new furniture with warranty coverage from Uniters for stains and/or damage on Fabric, Microfiber, A&P Leather, or Vinyl resulting from accidental stains (excluding accumulation defined as gradual buildup of dirt, dust, body oils and perspiration that cannot be attributed to a single occurance). On wood you are protected for one year against water or beverage marks or rings.

To view more details about our Worry Free Guarantee and who to call if you should have an accident please visit our Warranty Page.

Delivery Preparation and Inspection

Once your order is pulled for delivery, we put it thru a rigourous inspection process where our expert furniture preppers look over your furniture to make sure it is free of material defects. Furniture rarely comes perfect from manufacturers, so it is our job to make sure we make it just right for you. A few of the things we look for during our prep process include the following: we look to ensure there are no drip marks in the finish on the wood, we cycle test recliners to make sure the mechanisms are in good working order, we ensure the drawers on your furniture open properly, to name just a few examples.


Most furniture comes unassembled from our manufacturers. Included in your Worry Free Delivery is the assembly of your furniture. This includes assembling and leveling of all chairs, tables, beds, dressers, desks, or anything else that is needed to be assembled before delivery so that when you receive your delivery there are no hassles or surprises in your home.

Deluxing by our Magical Furniture Technician

Once the furniture has been opened and inspected, if required our magical furniture technician will refinish and prepare your furniture to the satisfaction of our fussy furniture preppers. Our magician will often refinish table tops if they are not perfect according to his standards, he will remove drip marks in the finish of your dresser, he will level your dining room chair which may involve him shaving the bottom of the chairs so that they will not rock. He may adjust a reclining mechanism or do whatever he needs to make your furniture just right for you. He does this as part of our Worry Free Delivery process to ensure your happiness when your furniture arrives from our delivery team to your home.

Deluxe Wrapping for Delivery Truck

Since we have gone thru so much trouble to ensure your furniture is perfect before it leaves our warehouse, it would be a shame for it to get damaged on delivery. Although we cannot eliminate the shifting of furniture on our delivery trucks, we do our best to pad and wrap your furniture before it is loaded onto our delivery trucks. We wrap each item individually in furniture blankets and tape, corner block dressers, nightstands and tables with foam blocks to ensure corners are safe, and tie each item off in our trucks to do our best to keep it safe during its travel to your home. We have found in the 55 years of doing business that although our deluxe wrapping process of the furniture before it is loaded on the delivery truck is very difficult and labor intensive, it is one of the most important elements of your delivery to ensure you receive your furniture safe and sound into your home.

Professional Installation of your Furniture by Reeds Expert Furniture Delivery Team

Reeds owns our own delivery trucks and employ our own professional furniture delivery team. These boys are amazing at what they do. We do not hire outside delivery services like other furniture stores. This ensures our team is committed to delivering your furniture as safely and effectively as possible into your home. Our team cares about delivering furniture to your home that you will love in good condition with a smile. We carry the furniture into your home and place it where you would like it to go. We assemble items requiring assembly in your home.

We arrange the furniture to your liking and make sure you are happy with your purchase. Our process goes above and beyond what others call white glove delivery. We do not drop the furniture off at the curb of your home, what others call "curbside delivery". In contrast, we bring it into your home to ensure you are able to start enjoying it when you receive it.

In order to bring it into your home, we require easy access be provided and the space your furniture is to be delivered be clear prior to delivery. Unfortunately we cannot move your old furniture to make room for your new furniture on delivery. Please have the space cleared and ready for your new furniture before your delivery. If you have furniture that needs donation, we recommend the Charity St. Vincent de Paul for donating your furniture if you wish to discard of your furniture that is in good condition. St. Vincent de Pauls phone no. is 323-224-6280. Also, Salvation Army will pick up furniture and their phone number is 800-728-7825. Additionally, most trash companies allow a pick up of a large item twice a year with prior arrangement. We apologize, but Reeds cannot move or dispose of your used furniture.

Please be sure the furniture will fit in its intended location, and can be delivered to its intended location as special order items are non-cancellable and non-refundable. Reeds is not responsible if the furniture purchased does not fit into its intended location or if the furniture cannot be delivered into its intended location due to delivery constraints. Please be especially cautious of small hallways and corners when purchasing furniture. Tall backs of sofas or deep depths of sofas can make for difficulty delivering in hallways and areas where there are tight corners. Please inform your salesperson if you are concerned about the ability to deliver furniture into its intended space before you order your furniture.

Delivery Tracking

Once your furniture is loaded onto our delivery trucks, it is routed by delivery stop, the farthest delivery loaded last and the closest delivery loaded first. We then call you the night before your delivery to to tell you your four hour time window in which to expect your delivery. The day of your delivery you will receive a call 30 minutes prior to your delivery.

The day of your delivery you can track your delivery from your home by entering either your invoice number or your phone number using our delivery tracker. We will be happy to help shoud you need to speak to us the day of your delivery. Please call us at 818-597-7800 should require assistance.

Reeds One Year Protection Against Manufacturer Defects

Reeds offers a one year warranty on items purchased from Reeds to be free from material defects for one year after you receive your delivery. This warranty is voided with excessive use, abuse or stains reflecting abuse.

Hassle Free In Home Service for One Year After Purchase

If you require service on your furniture within one year of your purchase, please call our in store service manager to arrange a service technician to come to your home to service your items. Because you had your items delivered, our technician will come to your home to service your furniture. If an exchange is needed, there will be no charge for the pickup and redelivery of your furniture. If your furniture needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair within one year of your delivery, we will pick up the item from your home, return it to the manufacturer, and then return it to you at all no charge, providing a hassle free service experience with no extra charges or fees.

Delivery Tracker

Track your delivery from the truck to your home! If you have a question regarding the time window of your delivery please call 818-597-7800.

Worry Free Delivery Rates

  • $99 within 25 miles of Reeds Agoura.
  • For deliveries outside of 25 miles of Reeds Agoura, the delivery rate is $2 per mile over 25 miles plus the base delivery fee of $99.

Scheduling Delivery

*Our delivery department is closed Monday and Tuesday and we deliver Wednesday thru Sunday.

The night before your scheduled delivery, you will receive a phone call telling you a four hour time window of when you will receive your delivery. If you do not answer the phone, a detailed message will be left giving you your four hour time window. Four hour time windows cannot be requested before the delivery date as trucks are routed by geographical region. We apologize for this inconvenience, but the trucks are routed the night before delivery. The farthest delivery is routed first, the closest last, so that the trucks end up close to home by the end of the day.

If you are in an outlying area, you may be the earlier stop and the closer you are to our store in Agoura Hills, the later your delivery will likely be. Deliveries begin when the store opens at 10:00 am, so morning deliveries are not likely to occur before 10:30 am.

You will receive a call from our delivery team 30 minutes prior to your delivery. Please confirm this number to call when scheduling your delivery.

Delivery days to areas outside of 25 miles will be determined on an individual basis. Please contact the store for details.

Deliveries can be scheduled at the point of purchase or after the sale is completed and payment is made. If you purchased furniture via special order, within days of your furniture arriving into our warehouse you will receive a phone call to schedule delivery. The special order delivery process is the same as any other products from that scheduling call on.

*All Orders Must Be Paid in Full Prior to Scheduling Delivery:

When scheduling delivery if your order is not paid in full you will be asked to pay in full via credit card over the phone or you may pay by check in the store. No deliveries can be scheduled for delivery without payment in full.

Delivery Meausuring Guide

Read our helpful guide to make sure your new purchase will fit properly into your home during delivery!

Measuring Guide

Delivery Cancellations

The more you move furniture, the greater the potential for damage. We strongly discourage cancellations to deliveries within 48 hours of the delivery. Because the furniture is staged for delivery the day before delivery, cancellations to deliveries within this time frame are strongly discouraged and will be assessed an additional delivery fee. Please understand our delivery process is complex. A proper and successful delivery requires us to first uncarton, prep, and deluxe the furniture. In our deluxing process we assemble, repair, and possibly refinish the furniture we are delivering. After the deluxing process the furniture is rewrapped and padded in delivery blankets, then loaded onto a delivery truck according to the delivery route. The deliveries are loaded first stop last, last stop first.

Requests for Delivery Window Changes and Rescheduling of Deliveries

We understand life has its challenges and sometimes you may request to have a delivery time moved due to scheduling conflicts. Please understand the difficulty of accomodating you as the furniture delivery process is rigid by its very nature as the trucks are loaded according to route and your furniture may be in an unaccesable portion of the truck at the time you request or the truck may be in another area at the time you request. If you are not able to receive your delivery the date scheduled and you do not change your delivery date within the 48 hour window, a redelivery fee will be assessed.

Damages on Delivery

Reeds inspects all furniture prior to delivery, but unfortunately sometimes accidents do happen or the furniture may move or rub in route. If you should receive damaged furniture on delivery and it is able to be repaired, please note the damage on the delivery copy with the delivery team. Our customer service department reviews these delivery copies and will contact you shortly after the delivery to schedule a repair technician to come to your home to do the repair. If you have not received a phone call within 48 hours, please contact 818-597-7800.

If the delivery team informs you the item cannot be repaired, please return it with the drivers on delivery and Reeds will arrange for a replacement item to be subsequently delivered where the re-delivery will be no charge. Please note all damages of your furniture on your delivery paperwork as you will sign and agree that your furniture is in good condition upon delivery unless otherwise noted damaged. Please understand Reeds reserves the right to schedule a service technician to repair any imperfection noted at the time of delivery.

Please understand furniture is made of organic materials and is not meant to be "perfect" and free of imperfections like man made material such as plastic. Reeds employs brilliant furniture technicians which can make most furniture look better than new after a repair has been performed. We call them our furniture artists, because they are brilliant furniture repair technicians and can complete repairs beyond your imagination and beyond what you believe possible. We call the process of repairing or detailing furniture from the manufacturer "deluxing," and is done on most of our furniture before it is delivered to our customers. Sometimes damage does happen on the trucks in transit, which is why we schedule in home repair technicians to fix the furniture in your home for your convenience.

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